Security Cameras Implemented On Vehicles and Package Delivery Companies

Newer model vehicles are being sold with built in security cameras that actually allow you to see if anyone or anything is behind you. By being able to view what is behind you it allows you to start backing up, or wait until your path is clear. This is a unique way of looking behind you, however some people disagree with the concept of having a security camera in your vehicle as a source of knowing if anything or anyone is behind you. Debating the issue that some cameras are up too high and small children cannot be seen. While others stipulate that turning your head over your shoulder regardless of new technology is the only way to be sure that someone is not behind you.

Either way this has not deterred companies from installing security cameras for backing up vehicles. Packaging companies that deliver packages to homes and businesses across the United States have started putting the security cameras on their delivery trucks and vans. They feel the security cameras are an asset, as they are unable to turn over their shoulder and see, they only have rear view mirrors to rely on.

Therefore, to them the security cameras on the back of their delivery trucks and vans are essential. Especially in residential areas. A lot of drivers actually admit that thanks to the use of the security cameras being on the back of their delivery trucks or vans, have actually helped them avoid accidents.

If the drivers are ok with the idea of having the security cameras installed on the back of their delivery trucks and vans, then what can they hurt? As far as the dilemma on whether security cameras need to be in newer model cars, I would have to say that is up to the owner. If you are a person that does not want a security camera in your car and you are in the market for purchasing a new car, it would be in your best interest to buy a car that simply didn't have this feature. Buy a vehicle without the use of security cameras if this is your preference.

However, in the future it is believed that most vehicles that are sold will all be equipped with the security cameras placed on the back of the vehicles. They are not unsightly and actually sleek looking. The problem is the price or having the security camera replaced, should the vehicle get rear ended or in a collision of some kind. The security camera of course would then have to be replaced.

This does cause a concern among consumers who do not have the funding to replace the security cameras, and to them it is obvious that these security cameras though effective are very delicate and will probably malfunction in the easiest ways.

Although consumers all agree it is a good source of protection and safety for anyone behind the vehicle as it is backing up, still, the value and cost of these vehicles are not going to be cheap once they are all equipped with these backing security cameras.


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