Security Cameras In Schools And Colleges

Security cameras being placed in schools and colleges have become a big issue as far as whether they need to be installed or not. Some school officials in different areas say they don't belong in schools and colleges while in other areas the idea of security cameras in the schools and colleges are welcomed. By placing security cameras in schools and colleges people feel the students may feel safer while at the same time ward off anyone who might want to commit an act of violence.

The use of security cameras in schools could also prevent threats and acts of violence from actually happening. The problem of security cameras in some of the smaller schools and colleges is the expense. The up keep on the security cameras and keeping them in operating condition. Security cameras are already in use in some schools and in some places on campus's of colleges. Such as security cameras in parking lots and in stadiums where sports are played. The security cameras allow monitoring of the areas they are placed and are not meant to invade any one's privacy but to provide protection to the students and faculty as well.

Security cameras on college campus's are on a higher rate of being installed because of previous tragedies and circumstances. Students knowing that security cameras exist would definitely feel safer. There have been several tragedies already on college and school campuses, leaving authorities to search through the aftermath. Trying to find witnesses to question and of course the list goes on. With the aid of more security cameras in place at college campuses and schools, perhaps authorities would have a better outlook on the tragedy and the issue could be resolved much quicker.

Families and students get traumatized by tragedies that occur on school campuses and college campuses. And some agree these could have been avoided if security cameras were present. In other cases, they feel even if security cameras were in place and a tragedy was unfortunate enough to happen, authorities could resolve the issue much faster without having to question so many already traumatized by the event that occurred.

This is the reason why some schools are considering the use of security cameras too. Many high schools are going through the process of rearranging their spending budget in order to install these security cameras in their high schools for added security and protection. Most schools as of now, have different forms of security such as monitoring patrols and assistants who patrol the hallways in between classes, however it seems there are just not enough to go around, in the bigger high schools. This is where the idea of security cameras need to come into existence within our schools.

Security cameras would not be placed in bathrooms or locker rooms, this would be an invasion of the student and faculties privacy, however the concept of having the security cameras in cafeterias and hallways, as well as the school office and possibly the parking lots would be considered a good thing.

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