Security Cameras On The Statue Of Liberty

After the tragedy of 9-11 when homeland security was first set into place authorities took security up to another level. For tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty there were already security cameras that were apparent for them to see. These cameras of course were there for the protection of all the visitors that traveled to see the Statue of Liberty. And, to protect against any vandalism that might come to the Statue of Liberty itself. And many of these security cameras were within the Statue Of Liberty and just outside the entrance.

However, after the 9-11 tragedy more measures were taken. Homeland security took the offensive and the "lady of liberty" was their assistant. Now, more security cameras are on the Statue of Liberty however in places that the tourists cannot see. Up high and out of sight. Some not even in the Statue Of Liberty at all. These security cameras are not set to view the inside at all, but instead the area around the Statue of Liberty. High frequency and high resolution with long range security cameras face out away from American borders. These security cameras are part of the homeland security program. Another way to prevent any kind of attack on the United States. This is only one area where these security cameras can be found on America's borders.

These type of security cameras won't be found for sale in companies. The range and viewing distance on these security cameras exceed any of the other security cameras sold to consumers. The frequency they are set on, are their own as well. They are remotely operated and very "high tech."

There are those who keep up with these security cameras and that they are working properly. The high frequency enables the security cameras to distribute images and display from long distances and they don't interfere with other items that might use frequencies. Other frequencies don't interfere with them either. In all reality the statue of liberty is a very good spot to put high range and reception security cameras. Especially as high tech as they are. The idea of being able to handle the elements of the weather as well as change angles is incredible.

And there's a chance that more security cameras are in different areas of the border as a part of homeland security as well. However, just where cannot be confirmed. Some people seem to think there are security cameras on almost all of the tallest buildings in major cities although it's uncertain. And to some, they wonder if the security cameras can even be seen. Security cameras are equipped even as smaller devices to have high range and reception just as the big ones as well.

The security cameras are there and in other places for the security of America. It just lets you know that we are safe. I personally have no problem with the idea that security cameras like this, that we cannot see are out there, and are providing a job of helping secure the livelihood of our country.

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